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18 Sep Banana Pancake Trail

The IndoChina path has been traveled by millions, I know. And though countless souls have been through this route before, every single journey is undoubtedly different, especially the one that happens deep within us. This time around, I’m seeing the world with a fresh set of eyes, a more open mind, the same vulnerable heart and a much, much stronger soul.  
My heart jumps as I think about the next few days. Traveling, at least for me, feels like jumping off a cliff, or blindly falling in love. The idea that you’re flying thousands of miles to a strange distant country awakens the very essence of my spirit. 

This voyage is something I need to do on my own.

This time around, there are no pre-booked flights. I want to see the rest of Southeast Asia. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and parts of Thailand that I missed during my past journeys. I’ve read about these magical places a million times before. I’ve dreamt about these places during endless conversations with gypsies and nomads. But I have no plans whatsoever or any set itineraries. I don’t know where I will be spending my birthday, Halloween, Christmas or New Year’s eve.

All I’m carrying is a 28 Liter backpack, and leaving my dependable roll-on luggage. I only have room for my bare essentials. Maybe just a week’s worth of clothes and an Osho book. No fancy camera, no laptop and no elaborate outfits, not even my sacred yoga mat. 
I have no room for fear and negativity. I’m barely five feet tall, and carrying a mere seven kilos on my spine. I’m leaving 99% of all my stuff behind, and every single one of my family and friends. I’m letting go of all the attachments I have ever known. I have no one to please, nothing to prove and nothing to lose. Just myself and the long road ahead. 
This time around, I have no other choice but to be present and live in every moment. Observe the spinning world around me and try to make sense of it all, try to make sense of myself. 
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