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16 Sep Passion Play

I had no idea what to expect when Lois of We Are Sole Sisters invited me to a Passion Play retreat a year ago, around November 2012. I had just finished an intensive week long Antigravity Yoga training course, so I didn’t feel like doing anything but chill on the beach, and hopefully wake up on time to teach the yoga class I went there for.
I lay on my hammock, while everyone gathered around a table at The Circle Hostel. The talk by Lois & Raf started to sound interesting so at one point, I got curious and tried one exercise, the brain map. 

My brain map: yoga, surf, travel



I have always considered myself a jack of all trades. Growing up, I wanted to be an astonaut, then a nun, a CEO, a lawyer, a chef, a photographer, a make-up artist. Burnt out, I quit my glamorous Marketing & PR Director position in 2008 not knowing what my next step was. I was confused. Some days, I felt really inspired to be creative. Other days, I was just overwhelmed by the things I wanted to accomplish. But in less than an hour, with the guidance of the facilitator, I had consciously drawn everything in my brain and how they all intertwined.

I found out that my top 3 passions were yoga, surfing and traveling. And discovered that my other interests like food and love (family, friends, people) actually supported my passions. Because of this, I was able to redirect my energy and focus on them.



“May we always think positive thoughts, may we always speak kind words, and may we always have the courage to pursue our passions. Namaste.”


Ever since my realizations, I’ve decided to continue on the path of yoga and take a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course under YogaWorks. I’ve been chosen by Lois as a contributor for, sharing some of my journeys, hoping to inspire women to travel more and explore further. Aside from that, she has also encouraged me to start this blog, which may be known for my brain fart “Don’t date a girl who travels”.



My mother, lovingly known as “Tita Rose” by local surfers



My family’s surf hut, which was born out of my love for the glassy waves of Baler has now flourished to become Secret Spot Baler, thanks to our wide network of surfers. And I’m actually proud to say that the next Passion Play Retreat is being held at our humble abode on September 28-29.



Where I take my students to practice yoga


Although I haven’t been able to surf as much, I have continued my wanderlust, exploring the Maldives, Thailand, Palawan, Indonesia and Hawaii this year. I’ve met a lot of like-minded souls, many of whom have become my travel buddies. I’m lucky not only to have found a home but also a famila in a beautiful paradise island, somewhere in Asia. They have inspired me to share my yoga at the most amazing spots around the island, and even trust me enough to let me build my own yoga studio at their place.


Every little thing I’ve put my time and energy into are all interconnected. During the years when it seemed like I was just another unemployed, unproductive bum was actually me refusing to settle for the norm, knowing there was something more to life than having a 9 to 5 job, hoping that something bigger awaits. I was unconsciously reevaluating my entire life, discovering my real passions, strengths and weaknesses in the process. And while only time will tell what lies ahead of me, right now, at this moment, I am living a life beyond my wildest dreams.



Lots of Aloha,


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