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12 Apr 3 Travel Apps For The Budget-conscious Travellers

It’s a common notion that travelling requires a lot of money, but not when you have the right apps! Too often, people need to plan out their next vacation a year ahead to give them enough time to save for it. Though, the increasing rise in the number of budget-friendly travel services makes it easier for many to get their dream vacation even when they are on a shoestring budget. GoAbroad Blog has cited some effective ways on how to keep travel budgets in check to save money while still enjoying a great vacation.

Mobile devices, in particular, are great tools for travellers when it comes to planning, executing, and budgeting a well-planned out vacation. The increasing usage and ownership of smartphones and tablets has become the main reason for many travel services to offer their own mobile apps. Similarly, some developers are also using travel-inspired titles and gameplay to lure in more users, such as the Spring Break and Lost Island gaming titles, which sit amongst the many other online games on Spin Genie.

In this post, we want to highlight three specialized travel apps that help travellers in planning their vacation on a shoestring budget.


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1. Trail Wallet – Travel Budget & Expense Tracker
An easy expense travel tracker for iOS devices, Trail Wallet app is designed to make budgeting and expense management fast and easy so you can focus on the fun. The free app comes with up to 25 items you can include on the list, so first time travellers will be able to try its features and see how easy it is to use. Trail Wallet comes with a comprehensive summary of all your expenses and budget for the trip, and it’ll even give you an interactive bar chart to show your last five day’s spending. Additional features are available with an in-app purchase.

2. Desti
Unsure where to go and if it fits your budget? Desti offers a well-curated list of the best and most meaningful destinations based on reviews, including wineries and hotels in over 14,000 US cities. The app works as an artificial intelligence by learning from pre-existing reviews of other travellers online. It is able to read through assessments of online users based on keywords, for example, ‘good value’ and ‘free breakfast.’ One of its advantages is the ability to sift through information even when provided with incredibly specific and long keywords to be able to provide users with the best match. It’s a great way to ensure your money is well spent on your vacation by not wasting it on mediocre accommodations and destinations.

3. WiFi Finder
Unsure where you can get free Wi-Fi for your smartphone? The Wi-Fi Finder is exactly what you need to easily locate the nearest free wireless hot spots in your chosen destination. It prevents having to pay to unlock your device, which can also lead to further damage of your phone, and voiding its warranty, as well as getting a local SIM. Free Wi-Fi should help you get your online map and GPS services up and running to get on track with your trip. There is also a choice to download the database of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots for offline use.

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