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  • 20150820_174934
    Crossing the border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua

      My 90 days in Costa Rica was up and I’ve heard good things about its neighboring country, Nicaragua. Mostly that everything was half the price, so ...

  • 2015-04-08 13.54.29
    How to Move to Indo

    So you’ve been to Bali and had your own life changing eat-pray-love experience. Biking through the rice fields in Ubud, hopping from one yoga shala to ano...

  • 20150707_162124
    My 90 days in Costa Rica

    Holding one of the least powerful passports in the world, it was a little hard for me to believe that I really was allowed to visit Costa Rica for......

  • 20150409_134008
    7 Filipino Habits I Lost When I Started Traveling

      Showering 3 times a day The average temperature in the Philippines is 28* Celcius but with the humidity, especially in urban areas, it feels so much war...

  • 20150904_113149
    Paddle 9’s Off-The-Beaten-Path Tours

      The small town of Manuel Antonio in Quepos is home to many expats. Business has flourished around its’ most valued gem, the Manuel Antonio Nation...

  • 20141219_143935
    What’s it Like to be a Traveling Yoga Teacher

      Many of us have found solace through our own personal yoga practice. We cannot imagine early mornings without meditating and practicing our asanas. Yoga ...

  • 20150131_172111
    Sabaidee Vang Vieng

      Time considerably slows down as soon as you drive further up the countryside and get a feel of the rural lifestyle. Your body clock naturally adjusts to....

  • photo 1
    The Ugly Truth About Wanderlust

    We are a rare breed. We have consciously rerouted to the road less taken. We’ve said f*ck it to promising careers and chosen to climb down that corporate lad...

  • 20150613_175512
    6 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer

    So you’ve just come home from backpacking and now you’re broke. You’re not quite ready to settle down just yet. All you have is your trusty backpack lying...

  • IMG_4988
    8 Ways To Pay for a Year (or a Life) of Travel

    Live simply The first step is having a fresh new mindset. Our consumeristic society has trained us to buy every single thing we need instead of making them or....

  • 20150408_135024
    Finding Home

    Imagine nothing, just a night sky filled with a billion stars and warm grains of sand cushioning your body, seeping in between your toes. The waves gently crash...

  • Kuang Si Waterfalls, Laos
    A Postcard to My Mother

    Dear Ma, Everyday I am grateful for the life that you have given me, for raising me into the woman that I am today and for your continuous......